Originally this started as a collection of photos I wanted to post. I was a novice photographer when I started this blog. Now I have learnt some of the tricks of the trade and can call myself an amateur. I will use this blog to highlight some of my works and also some tricks/tips which I think may be useful to others.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My son Ricky's first experience with his Nikon L22

I decided to give my son Ricky (Two years eleven months old) a first feeling of photography. Here are the results!!!

From Drop Box

Wait ... you got daddy, but you have your fingers on the flash!!!

From Drop Box

Interesting composition I must say!! (The BW mode was preselected by me by mistake)

From Drop Box

You got your grandmother upside down!!!

From Drop Box

Why do you want to take a photo of a photo?

From Drop Box

Finally he got it right!!!

The composition ideas are his own!!! I have removed a couple of good photos of my wife though from his sequence.


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that's so cute and nice!

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