Originally this started as a collection of photos I wanted to post. I was a novice photographer when I started this blog. Now I have learnt some of the tricks of the trade and can call myself an amateur. I will use this blog to highlight some of my works and also some tricks/tips which I think may be useful to others.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kolkata - Part I

Kolkata is not a very old city. It is only about 320 years old. Yet, being the capital of India during the "Indian Reneissance" , it has a long history of art and culture. (Kolkata was the capital of India during during British Indian rule till 1911) The facades of Kolkata reminds us of the days of the British Raj and tells a story of their own.
Kolkata is characterised by widely disparate income levels of its people, interest of the people in art and culture, culinery skills of the chefs of the various eating joints scattered throughout the city, a blooming film industry which has seen ups and downs but is still shining, and many more things. In fact, Kolkata carries different charms for every Kolkattan.

This post is dedicated to the older parts of Kolkata. North Kolkata, as it is known, is one of the earliest dwellings of the city. (Sutanuti village was one of the three villages that made up the city of Kolkata). The buildings are old, dillapidated yet carry a charm of their own.

The following photo was taken from my window on an autumn afternoon.
Another View of Kolkata

The following picture also depicts a typical North Kolkata atmosphere. Buildings standing close to each other, with a labrynth of lanes and by-lanes

North Kolkata

The following picture shows the state of a typical building in North Kolkata

Kolkata cityscape

The rich reneissance history of North Kolkata is characterized by a lot of heritage buildings. Girish Ghosh, was a well known Bengali dramatist from Kolkata. The following is a picture of his house as it stands now.

Shubhrajit's day out: Girish Ghosh's house at Baghbazaar, Kolkata

Kolkata is flanked by river Ganges (Ganga) on the west. The following picture is a surreal view of the river.

Ganga River

People who live by the river, use it for bathing and washing, among other things. The following two pictures depict bathing and washing.

A Cool bath in the river

Take your pick: Saree Lungi or Gamcha

To be continued...

Friday, August 01, 2008

Camera Shake

Camera shake makes the figures come to life

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gopalpur Moon

It was a romantic full moon night at Gopalpur, and its reflection on the sea was mesmerizing. Nov - 2007

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sunrise at sikkim

Honestly, this photo was heavily edited using two programs (Picasa and GIMP). The end result shows an array of beautiful colours.
This picture was taken early morning from Peling.