Originally this started as a collection of photos I wanted to post. I was a novice photographer when I started this blog. Now I have learnt some of the tricks of the trade and can call myself an amateur. I will use this blog to highlight some of my works and also some tricks/tips which I think may be useful to others.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Digha Trip

I recently made a trip to the Dhigha sea beach. Here are some shots.

The picture below was shot directly into the sun, late afternoon. The sea was glowing in the sunlight, and taking a exposure reading from the bright water, everything else was made into silhouette
Golden Conference

The second photograph is simple... a fishing boat
From Digha - Mega Album

The third picture is also simple. A bird's eye view of a part of the city
From Digha - Mega Album

The next picture shows the fast food stalls selling fried fish in the evening
From Digha - Mega Album

The fifth picture is interesting. We rented bikes to visit the talsari beach. This shows one of the bikes parked in the sun
From Digha - Mega Album

The next picture shows a couple next to the beach. I shot them from a distance, from the casuarina woods, which is a typical flora of the place
From Digha - Mega Album

The following picture is a long shot of the Talsari beach
From Digha - Mega Album

This is a picture of the colors of the sky, against a backdrop of the sea
From Digha - Mega Album

This is my wife and son, in the casuarina woods
From Digha - Mega Album

The last is a long shot of the rocky Digha beach
From Digha - Mega Album


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Anusia said...

Your some photos are blank. Cannot see the pictures.

dimpy roy said...

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing your trip experience. Digha has gradually gained popularity as a thriving tourist destination. It's close proximity to Kolkata makes it a wonderful weekend hideout. Along with a plethora of commercial and crowded beaches, the city also has a plethora of virgin and unexplored beaches. Check out all best places to visit in Digha also.